The Different Reasons To Reside In Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston is one of the Southern coastal cities located in the South Carolina low country. While it is known to be a popular tourist destination, it is also a popular city for relocation. This article will offer reasons why people choose to relocate and reside in Charleston, South Carolina.

1. The Geographical Location

One of the most popular reasons to live in Charleston is its geographical location. The city was originally built on the peninsula of land dividing the Cooper and Ashley Rivers; however, it now lies across the Charleston, Dorchester, and Berkeley counties. Due to its location, Charleston is attractive because of its unity terrain including various rivers, lakes, bays, coves, tidal marches, beaches, and a view of the Atlantic Ocean.

2. The Different Beaches

If you wish to live near a beach, then Charleston is the best alternative. Featuring a plethora of beaches, it is possible to find one that will suit your particular requirements. Folly Beach has a laid back atmosphere and is popular among people who enjoy surfing, whereas the Wild Dunes are more suited to people who enjoy private settings. The Isle of Palms and Sullivan’s Island are more traditional beach settings and highly convenient being located close to downtown Charleston. Sullivan is one of the historical beaches in the city is a unique place to reside featuring larger houses.

3. A Cosmopolitan Town

Despite its historical background, Charleston is growing as a cosmopolitan and contemporary town. The historic downtown area does present with an array of maintained 16th century architecture, but the buildings have been revamped to include modern restaurants for visitors and locals.

4. A Good Place For Families

Charleston is considered one of the best places to begin and raise a family. Statistics have shown that many people relocate to this city to start families as they are able to find larger homes for their needs, as well as living in friendlier neighborhoods. Charleston also provides various child-oriented places keeping children engaged with different activities, such as the county park and the South Carolina Aquarium.

5. A Good Place To Retire

Of course, Charleston is not just a good place to raise a family but also a good place to retire. According to the A-A-R-P, Charleston is one of the top five towns in the United States for retirees. The neighborhoods tend to suit older lifestyles and the activities are directed to people of all ages, including older individuals.

Author: Jerome Dorsey