The Top Attractions To Visit In Charleston South Carolina

Charleston South Carolina is one of the most lovely, diverse and unique cities in the United States. Each year, tourists are drawn to the city so they can explore the city’s past and also enjoy the Southern hospitality while dining on the finest cuisine.

Commonly rated as one of the top places to visit in America, the city has received several accolades, awards and is considered one of the most romantic cities in the country as well. It is also a top destination for foodies and for family vacations also.

Additional recognition include being named one of the top ten smartest cities in the entire world, America’s Most Mannerly City, and a value city for couples.

So, whether you are planning to visit the city for the first time, or you have visited before, there are several activities and attractions that will help you plan an itinerary that will match your interests.

Boat, Walking And Carriage Tours

The city offers several types of guided tours that allows visitors the opportunity to get a better overview of the city. A boat tour, a walking tour and a carriage tour are some of the best ways to learn about the city’s past and learn more about the present.

Some of the most popular tours are:

Charleston Carriage Tours
Old Charleston Walking Tours
Schooner Pride Harbor Tours

Offbeat Tours

There is also a side of Charleston that is hidden, tucked away from the busyness of the downtown area. You can take one of the offbeat tours to learn more about these areas of Charleston.

The Charleston Ghost Tour allows tourists to explore the eerie and haunted past of the city. This is one of the most popular tours and it is a must for anyone who enjoys spooky adventures.

Gullah Tours explore the culture and history that is relevant and important to the people who lived in the unique and rich Gullah Lowcountry.

Culinary And Dining

Known as a top destination for authentic and classic regional favorites like Frogmore Stew and shrimp and grits, it is also home to many fine dining establishments. These restaurants do not only serve dishes with local flavor, but they also have international flair as well.

Besides the hundreds of dining establishments you can choose from, there are also food-themed fairs, festivals and special events that are held during the year.

Charleston has a healthy tourism market. There are so many things to see and do, you will have to return time and again to experience it all.

Author: Jerome Dorsey